Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome new baby...

My friends Rob and Cari welcomed their new baby, Faith Ann to the world about two weeks ago so I immediately had to go buy her some pink clothes and make a little something cute to send her. Here's what I came up with...I got the idea for the little pea pod from a swap at a Stampin Up! regional conference last year...I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and knew I would be recreating it. It's sooo easy and so stinkin cute. I tried to match the colors to the colors of her nursery. Hope she likes it. And this is the card that I sent along with it. This is one of those stamp sets that is just so much fun to color!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Think Pink

So my boss (I use the term loosely...more like good friend) is going to be walking in the Susan G Komen 3 Day for the Cure Breast Cancer Walk in about two weeks. She has been training for this walk for months, collecting gear, and raising well over $2,000. Her best friend is also walking with her and one of my best friends from Cincinnati is also participating in the walk. I'm super proud of each of these ladies and I'm very excited for the experience they are about to embark on. Moral of the story...I found out a few days ago that you can actually send cards and letters to the walkers that will be delivered to them during the walk. It's a wonderful way to motivate and encourage the participants and let them know you are thinking about them. So I was all too happy to bust out every shade of pink cardstock and inkpad and get busy.This is going to be the longest that Tammy (my boss) will be away from her almost 3 year old twins since they were born so I really wanted to have the kids make a card for her...but then I had the brilliant idea that one of those recordable cards would be great so that she would be able to hear their voices. So I cruised down to Hallmark (which is against my religion) to get a recordable card. As is turns out, recordable cards only come in the birthday variety...but that's ok because I had a huge problem with sending a non-stamped up card anyway. So I grabbed a random recordable birthday card and came home to bribe the kids in to saying nice things to their mom at the sound of the beep. Then I jazzed it up stampin up style and then let the kids add the "finishing touches" Betcha can't even tell this used to be a hallmark card...unless you find my $7.00 receipt...BOO!I also wanted to make a separate card for her just from me. I liked the design and felt like it suited the occasion really well so I tweaked it a little and also made one for my friend, Kim as well as Tammy's walking partner, Rachel. Also because I'm a big nerd...and I had all the pink stuff out already I decided to make both Kim and Tammy a separate card "from their dogs". I know I'm a dork but they both love their dogs very much and everyone likes to get lots of mail, especially at an event like the 3 Day. Do you notice the little breast cancer awareness ribbon I drew on the dog's collar? You can make fun of me now.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hey it's only been six months...

But I finally have an update for my blog. I've been inspired to get down to business by the new Stampin Up! catalog which was just released last week, and I actually a had a few hours to enjoy some quality stamp time so here is what I came up with... Here are two versions of the same card with different color schemes. Two of my best friends are coming up on their one year wedding anniversaries so I wanted to make them each a card with a color scheme similar to their weddings. I also have a friend who is due to give birth to her 2nd baby any day now, so I made a cute baby card with a gender neutral color scheme since she doesn't know what she's having. Hope you enjoyed my rare update, and hopefully I'll have more to share when I get my shipment of new goodies later this week!